What we do

  • Modernize legislation, regulations, and policies that can be burdensome, inefficient, and inflexible.
  • Work across government to reduce red tape.
  • Measure and report publicly on how we have made it easier for businesses and individuals to work with government.

Less Red Tape, Stronger Economy

Reducing red tape is an important part of building a stronger economy, improving services and saving Ontarians time. That’s why the Ontario government has made it an ongoing priority.

Learn more about our work to pave the way for better services, help Ontario businesses grow, and save people time and money in our Less Red Tape, Stronger Economy plan.

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From overly complex forms to rules that are difficult to comply with, red tape causes frustration and delays. Here’s how you can help.

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How we’re making progress

Since 2018, we’ve saved businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, universities and colleges, school boards and hospitals nearly $700 million in annual regulatory compliance costs through common-sense changes that save time and money.

Each Fall, the Ministry of Red Tape Reduction reports on the government’s progress on reducing red tape in the annual Burden Reduction Report.

Learn more about our previous initiatives in the 2022 Burden Reduction Report: Saving people and businesses time and money, such as:

  • making it easier for restaurants and bars to expand their patios and include alcohol with delivery and takeout orders
  • cutting costs for millions of Ontario vehicle owners and providing relief for drivers by refunding license plate sticker renewal fees paid since March 1, 2020, cancelling fees for future license plate renewals, and cancelling scheduled fee increases for a variety of driver and vehicle products
  • requiring utilities to implement a new standard to enable savings on consumer energy bills
  • removing tolls on Highways 412 and 418
  • updating other regulations across government to make it easier and cheaper to comply with the rules

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