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From overly complex forms to rules that are difficult to comply with, red tape causes frustration and delays. Here’s how you can help.


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What we do

  • Modernize legislation, regulations, and policies that can be burdensome, inefficient, and inflexible.
  • Work across government to reduce red tape.
  • Measure and report publicly on how we have made it easier for businesses and individuals to work with government.

Less Red Tape, More Common Sense

Reducing red tape is an important part of building a province where people and businesses can thrive. That’s why the Ontario government has made it an ongoing priority.

Learn more about our work to improve services for people and reduce costs for businesses while making it easier it work with government in our Less Red Tape, More Common Sense package.

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How we’re making progress

Since 2018, we’ve saved businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, universities and colleges, school boards and hospitals over $939 million in gross annual compliance costs. When including new compliance costs introduced, this accounts for a savings of an estimated net amount of $819 million per year. These measures lead to tangible time and cost savings for businesses, as well as for Ontarians.

Each fall, the Ministry of Red Tape Reduction reports on the government’s progress on reducing red tape in the annual Burden Reduction Report.

Learn more about actions taken in the 2023 Burden Reduction Report: Delivering better service and a stronger economy, such as:

  • empowering pharmacists to prescribe treatment options for common minor medical conditions
  • expanding online services available through ServiceOntario to enhance convenience and accessibility, including an appointment booking system and the introduction of new online services to streamline processes for essential documents, such as driver's licences, health cards, marriage licence and accessibility permits
  • enhancing the fare payment system for transit riders, providing them with more options for paying their fare
  • expanding the Ontario Parks Reservation System and allowing advance registration for park entries, saving time and leading to better planning for visits, preventing overcrowding
  • simplifying the renewal of (Z) endorsement licences for commercial truck and bus drivers, who can now complete an online module at their convenience, aligning with broader North American standards

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