About energy planning

We’ve been working to ensure our electricity system is clean, reliable and affordable. Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plans have formed the foundation for this work.

Ontario launched its first Long-Term Energy Plan in 2010. It was reviewed and updated in 2013.

Through energy planning, we have:

  • phased out coal-fired electricity generation, the largest single greenhouse gas emissions reduction action in North America
  • built a clean system that is more than 90% free of greenhouse gas emissions
  • ensured there is a robust supply of electricity to power homes and businesses across Ontario

We’ve developed a new plan to be ready for the future and provide a 20-year road map for our energy sector.

Highlights for 2017

The 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan – Delivering Fairness and Choice – focuses on making energy more affordable and giving you more options in how you use energy.

Lower electricity bills

Through Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan, your electricity bill has decreased by an average of 25%, and programs and credits are available to reduce your bill even more.

Financial help

If you need financial help to make your home more energy efficient, a number of conservation programs are available, including a new affordability fund.

Credits on your bill

More people can qualify for credits on their electricity bill through the Ontario Electricity Support Program. We’ve also increased the amount of credits by 50%.

More choice and information

We’re working with the Ontario Energy Board to provide you with more flexible electricity price plans and to help you get better information on your electricity bill.

Read more in the 2017 Long-Term Energy plan

How we developed the plan

Between October and December 2016, we engaged people across Ontario to gather feedback through:

  • 1,500
    submissions through the Environmental Registry
  • 2,285
    submissions to the online survey
  • 500
    people attended public open houses

Learn more about what we heard


Net metering

Save money by generating power with wind, solar or other renewable energy sources.

Municipal energy planning

Learn about the Municipal Energy Plan Program and get funding to help your community improve its energy use.

Climate Change Action Plan

Read Ontario’s five-year plan to fight climate change, reduce greenhouse gas pollution and transition to a low-carbon economy.

Technical planning reports

Read the Ontario Planning Outlook and the Fuels Technical Report, which helped inform the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan.