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Current Status

Terms of reference: approved, January 24, 2007

On October 19, 2007, the proponent notified the ministry that they would be proceeding with the transit project under the Transit Chapter of the amended MEA Class EA.

Project Summary

The purpose of the undertaking is to determine the transit facilities appropriate to serve the long term residential, employment, tourism and waterfront access needs in the study area.

Project History

  • Terms of reference: approved
    • Date submitted:  July 14, 2006
    • Expiry of public comment period:  August 18, 2006
    • Decision date: January 24, 2007

Terms of Reference


The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation (TWRC) and the City of Toronto have now completed sufficient Secondary Planning which allows the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to commence an Individual Environmental Assessment (IEA) to define the required transit facilities required to support proposed development in the Port Lands. Although the Precinct Plan is not yet complete for the Port Lands precincts, TTC has elected to prepare the Terms of Reference for the Port Lands, recognizing the potential interrelationship with the two adjacent precincts: the East Bayfront and the West Don Lands.

Sustainable redevelopment and revitalization of this precinct will require an effective transit system (as well as roads, pedestrian and cycling facilities) to service the large number of planned residential and employment opportunities. While roads will provide some of the transportation capacity in and out of the area, a high transit modal split is absolutely essential to achieve TWRC’s and the City’s objectives.

The formal framework for achieving these objectives was set out in the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan which was approved by City Council on March 2003 (BY-LAW No. 346-2003). It identifies a transportation strategy to provide a sustainable network in, to and from the waterfront communities with a particular focus on encouraging walking, cycling, transit use and water transportation.

A significant demand for both inbound and outbound traffic will result from this future development. In order to accommodate these demands on the proposed and existing transportation network and reducing auto dependence, or, at a minimum, not significantly increasing vehicular capacity, the Council of the City of Toronto has adopted among other things, a “transit first” policy to service the revitalization of the lands within the Waterfront Secondary Plan area.

The overall purpose of the undertaking embodied in this Terms of Reference is to determine the transit facilities appropriate to serve the long term residential, employment, tourism and waterfront access needs in the study area while achieving the City’s and TWRC’s objectives for land use, design and environmental excellence. This transit project environmental assessment will build on the land use planning work completed Explore Projects / Waterfront Toronto.