How to make a property uninviting

  • put fences or cattle guards to protect an area and make them visible with branches or brightly-coloured tape
  • electric fencing can be very effective at preventing deer from accessing a property
  • use scarecrows, lights, noise makers or flags to make your property less attractive
  • garden with plant species that are unattractive to deer, elk and moose, including juniper, sumac, birch, dogwood, pine, daisy, geranium, iris, and plants with thorns or fuzzy leaves
  • spray commercially-prepared or homemade repellents on plants to keep deer away
  • use tree guards to protect young, individual trees on your property

How to reduce conflicts

  • you cannot take lethal action against moose in protection of property
  • you cannot take lethal action against deer or elk in protection of property without prior approval from <NDMNRF> (see deer and elk removal policies)
  • if significant property damage is occurring, contact your local ministry office
  • to reduce elk damage, contact your local ministry office for advice and technical assistance in implementing prevention measures
  • to manage moose and deer populations, you may hunt moose and deer in the open season with a valid outdoors card and appropriate licence and seals and if you follow certain regulations, seasons and municipal bylaws

How to avoid conflicts

Take precautions in the outdoors

  • if a deer, elk or moose approaches you, back off and look for a tree, fence or building to hide behind
  • if the animal charges, run to the nearest obstruction
  • be extra cautious around female moose with calves, and around bulls during the fall mating season
  • watch for signs of animal activity such as tracks, claw marks and droppings
  • make noise as you travel through the woods — talk, sing, carry a radio
  • avoid areas frequently visited by animals, such as berry patches
  • travel in groups
  • if hiking alone, tell someone where you plan to go and what time you expect to return
  • keep dogs leashed so they don't provoke attacks by wild animals