Moose tag allocation process

Learn more about the points-based moose tag allocation process.

Moose tag quotas and hunt codes

Find resident moose tag quotas and hunt codes you’ll need to apply to the points-based allocation process.

Apply to hunt moose

Apply to the moose tag allocation process.

Moose hunting

What you need to know before hunting moose in Ontario, including rules, tips and where to hunt.

photo of a moose in a sunny wooded area.

Mandatory hunter reports

Learn how and when to submit your mandatory hunter report.

Tentative moose season dates

Find tentative moose season dates. In early April, the confirmed dates will be available in the Hunting Regulations Summary.

Hunting Regulations Summary

Read the rules and regulations for hunting in Ontario, including season dates

Wildlife Management Units (WMUs)

Use these maps to identify the boundaries of your WMU.

Moose tag allocation results

View a dataset of moose tag allocation results from previous years (starting 2021). View your individual results online through your Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service account, or by phone at 1-800-288-1155.

Licence issuers

Find a location that sells hunting and fishing licences, tags, etc.

Hunt moose with a tourist outfitter

Find out how Ontario residents and non-residents can hunt moose using an authorized tourist outfitter.

How to properly identify moose while hunting

Learn the difference between cow and calf moose.

Moose management review

Read more about how we’re addressing hunters’ concerns to benefit moose and moose hunters.

Big Game Management Advisory Committee (BGMAC) recommendations report

Learn about BGMAC’s recommendations for the moose management review.

Moose population management

Learn how aerial inventories, hunter reporting and trends are used to guide moose population management in Ontario.

photo of a moose cow and moose calf eating shrubs in a forest.

Moose management policies

Read about how Ontario sustainably manages its moose population.

Cervid ecological framework

Learn how Ontario coordinates the management of moose, white-tailed deer, woodland caribou and American elk.

Factors that affect moose survival

Find out how moose are affected by climate change, habitat, hunting, parasites, disease, bears and wolves.

Resident moose hunting activity

Get data on resident moose hunting activity and harvest numbers in Ontario.