According to the Farm Products Marketing Act (FPMA), processors and dealers of regulated commodities in Ontario are licensed to comply with marketing board regulations and pricing orders.

A “processor” is defined under each commodity’s marketing regulation as a person engaged in the business of processing that commodity.

A “dealer” is defined under the Seed Corn marketing regulation as a person who contracts with a producer for the production of seed-corn.

You can find the specific definitions at the beginning of each regulation, under the FPMA.

Processing regulated commodities without a licence is a contravention of the FPMA and regulations.

Who needs a licence

You may require a processor or dealer licence if you process or deal one of the six regulated commodities.

The commission provides processor and dealer licences for six regulated commodities including:

For some regulated commodities, the Ontario Farm Product Marketing Commission delegates the authority for licensing to the marketing board for that specific commodity.

Processors of less than 907.2 kg of tender fruit

If you process less than 907.2 kg (one short ton) of one type of tender fruit in a calendar year, you are not required to get a processor licence for that fruit.

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application form for your commodity:
  2. Gather the required additional information listed in the application form.
  3. Email your application form and documents to OFPMC@ontario.ca.

Call the commission at 519-826-4220 if you need any help completing the application.

After you apply

After your application is received, the commission and appropriate marketing board will review it.

If there are any objections, the commission may hold a hearing to consider whether a licence should be issued.

Licence expiry

Processor and dealer licences are issued for either one- or five-year terms.


Once a processor or dealer has been issued a licence, it remains valid unless:

  • the processor or dealer fails to comply with the licensing criteria
  • the processor or dealer ceases operation
  • there is a change in asset ownership within the business

If the processor or dealer ceases operation or if there is a change in asset ownership, the existing licence is no longer valid and must be surrendered. The new operator must apply for a new licence.