General resources


Learn about the commission’s mandate and its role in the regulated marketing system.


Get to know the chair, vice-chair and other members of the commission.

Regulatory amendments

Information on regulatory amendments proposed and completed by the commission.

Processor and dealer licences

Find out what regulated farm products may require a licence from the commission and how to apply.

Commission documents

Memorandum of Understanding

Read the MOU between the minister and the commission chair.

Member expense claims

Browse a list of travel, meal and hospitality expenses for members of the commission.

Business plans

Read about the commission’s strategic direction.

Annual reports

Read about the commission’s accomplishments during the year.

Data inventory

Browse a list of the commission’s public data.

Resources for boards and associations

Boards and associations

Contact list of marketing boards and associations overseen by the commission.

Election guide

How to create open, fair and transparent electoral processes for marketing boards.

Guidebook for governance

Learn how to manage conflict, develop policies and procedures, run effective meetings and more.

Guidelines on board and association expenditures

Learn about regulatory restrictions and get direction on spending board funds.

Guidelines to establish a board or association

About regulated marketing

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