In Ontario, the installation and use of X-ray sources is regulated, in part, by Regulation 861 – X-ray Safety under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If you are an employer planning to use an X-ray source in your workplace, you must register and receive approval from the Radiation Protection Service (RPS) before installing and using:

  • a new X-ray source in a permanent location
  • an X-ray source that is designed for portable or mobile use, that is regularly installed or used in one location

You must register whether you acquire the X-ray source by purchasing, leasing or borrowing.

How to register

To register an employer and submit an application for review of your X-ray source with the RPS, you’ll need to:

When you complete the form, make sure you correctly identify the X-ray source make and model. This will help avoid delays in approving your application.

Complete the “Application for Registration and Installation of an X-ray Source” form

For help completing the form review our Guidance for completing the X-ray registration form. The guide follows the format of the form, providing guidance on each section.

Optional information to include with your form

These items are not mandatory to include with your application, but including them could help us approve your application more quickly:

  • Technical information from the X-ray manufacturer, such as a brochure.
  • Scatter radiation data provided by the manufacturer or appropriate third-party (for cabinet X-ray sources and some other X-ray sources).
  • Radiation shielding calculations for each barrier. This is not necessary for cabinet X-ray sources that meet the requirements of section 17 of Regulation 861 – X-ray Safety

We strongly recommend that you submit full radiation shielding calculations. This will expedite our review of your plan location drawings and ensure that the appropriate amount of shielding will be installed in your X-ray room.

We also recommend that you verify the qualifications of any agent that you hire, including whether they have the expertise to perform shielding calculations.

You may attach these items to the form along with your location plan drawings. If applying by mail include them as hard copies along with your completed form.

Submit your form

You can submit your application by email or mail.


Email your form and plan location drawings to RadiationProtection@Ontario.ca. Include the name of your workplace in the subject line.


You can mail your form and plan location drawings to:

Radiation Protection Service
Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
81A Resources Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9P 3T1

Review timelines and next steps

You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. It will be placed in a queue for review and approval.

The response time will vary depending on your application being complete and the overall volume of applications.

You will receive another email when your application is approved.

The email will contain the floor plan with acceptance information, including the technical factors that were used to evaluate the installation.

Keep a copy of this email onsite as part of your facility’s records. Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) radiation protection inspectors will ask to see a copy during a workplace inspection.

If your application is incomplete or inaccurate, a reviewer will contact you. You may need to resubmit your application, which will extend the time required to approve your application.

When to update your form

You must update and resubmit your form if:

  • your X-ray source changes ownership
  • there is a change to your contact information
  • there are changes to the original installation that could result in increased radiation exposure for an employee

Examples of changes that could result in an increase in radiation exposure include, but are not limited to:

  • replacing or upgrading an existing X-ray source with a new unit, such as replacing a conventional film X-ray source with a digital unit
  • increasing the frequency or workload of the X-ray source beyond the value accepted in the original application, such as increasing the number of X-rays taken per week
  • making changes to a space adjacent to the X-ray room, horizontally or vertically, that would alter its use or increase its occupancy. An example is converting a storage room to a reception area
  • making any changes to the walls of the X-ray room
  • making any changes to the shielding in or around the X-ray room or the X-ray source
  • any other work, such as service work or repair that requires a change to the installation of an existing X-ray source

You do not need to resubmit an application if you are performing routine maintenance procedures for proper unit operation, using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

If you are only updating your application to notify us of a change to your contact information, you do not need to resubmit the plan location drawings.

The X-ray source must not be installed or modified before you receive written approval from the RPS.

Contact us

Radiation Protection Service
Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
81A Resources Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9P 3T1

General inquiries and specific questions can be directed to:

Toronto: 416-235-5922
Toll-free: 1-888-999-3921

Disclaimer: This guidance does not replace the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations and should not be used as or considered legal advice. Health and safety inspectors apply and enforce these laws based on the facts they find in the workplace.