Renew a CVOR certificate

To continue operating your commercial vehicle, you must renew your CVOR certificate every year or every two years depending on your carrier safety rating. Learn about carrier safety ratings.

Safety ratingWhen to renew
ExcellentEvery two years
SatisfactoryEvery two years
Satisfactory — unauditedEvery year
ConditionalEvery year
UnsatisfactoryNo renewal. Certificate suspended or cancelled.

We will send you a renewal reminder 60 days before your current certificate expires. If you wish to renew, you must do so before your certificate expires.

When you renew, you will need to provide:

  • total number of vehicles
  • total number of drivers
  • actual distance travelled in Ontario
  • actual distance travelled in the rest of Canada
  • actual distance travelled in the USA and/or Mexico


The renewal fee is $51.

Payment options

You can pay online using a:

  • credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Visa debit or debit Mastercard

You can mail us your payment using Visa, Mastercard, cheque, bank draft, money order or certified funds payable to "Minister of Finance/MTO".

Renew online

To renew online, you will need:

  • your CVOR number
  • CVOR start date (can be found on your Commercial Vehicle Operator Record – Level 2 Abstract)
  • valid credit or debit card

Renew by mail or fax

To renew your CVOR by mail or fax:

  1. Complete the renewal form.
  2. Send the form and payment to the CVOR office at least 15 days before your certificate expires:

    Ministry of Transportation
    Commercial Safety and Compliance Branch
    301 St. Paul Street, 3rd Floor
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    L2R 7R4

    Fax: 905-704-3033

Update your information

You should review your safety record regularly to ensure the information on your CVOR certificate is up to date.

Notify us within 15 days if:

  • your company address changes
  • company name changes
  • your corporate officers or their addresses change
  • your fleet size or the number of kilometres travelled in Canada and Ontario has changed by at least 20% from what was reported when you registered or renewed

To report a change or correct an error on your CVOR record:

Amalgamating corporations

To notify us about an amalgamation, you must submit all of the following:

  • notarized letter of authorization from director(s) of the company, on company letterhead, outlining the details of the request, signed and dated
  • two documents showing proof of address such as a telephone, gas or hydro bill, lease, mortgage or current property tax
  • legal documents including Articles of Amendment, Master Business Licence and Articles of Amalgamation

Mail or fax the documents to:

Ministry of Transportation
Licensing Administration and Support Office
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue, Room 178
Toronto, Ontario
M3M 0B4

Fax: 416-235-4412

Replace a lost or stolen certificate

To replace a CVOR certificate:

  1. Complete the replacement application form.
  2. Mail or fax your completed form and the $35.75 replacement fee to the CVOR office:

    Ministry of Transportation
    Commercial Safety and Compliance Branch
    301 St. Paul Street, 3rd Floor
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    L2R 7R4

    Fax: 905-704-3033

You can pay the fee using: