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Online services for commercial operators

If you know the permit, certificate or online transaction you need, you can access the online services below. If you aren’t sure, learn more about Ontario’s requirements for different types of commercial vehicles and the products and services you may need.

Online services

Become a commercial driver

Get a commercial vehicle driver’s licence

The class of driver’s licence and training you need depends on the type of commercial vehicle you want to drive.

Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificates, vehicle registration and renewals

If you have purchased a new or used commercial vehicle, you must follow these steps before driving:

  1. Get a CVOR certificate if your vehicle meets the requirements.
  2. Have it inspected at a certified Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS).
  3. Get it insured.
  4. Register your vehicle with ServiceOntario or as part of the International Registration Plan (IRP) if you frequently travel outside Ontario throughout Canada and the United States.

Permits and conditions for oversize/overweight vehicles and vehicles with special configurations

Learn about the permits and restrictions for oversize/overweight vehicles and loads, and vehicles with special configurations.

Safety requirements

Learn more about the safety requirements for commercial vehicles operating in Ontario.