Heavy commercial vehicles

You can now renew buses and farm vehicles online.


Fees vary, check out our calculator.

Valid for 3 to 12 months

You must renew your heavy commercial vehicle licence plate every 3 to 12 months.


Owners of heavy commercial vehicles (commercially plated with a Registered Gross Weight (RGW) greater than 3,000 kg), which include all buses, school buses and farm plated vehicles, must renew their licence plates for any period between 3 and 12 months.

Your heavy commercial vehicle must have a valid licence plate sticker and be insured to be driven legally in Ontario.

When you renew:

  • you will continue to receive a licence plate sticker
  • your renewal fee is based on the type of heavy commercial vehicle and the registered gross weight of the vehicle
  • law enforcement will be instantly aware your licence plate was renewed

What you need to know before you renew

To renew your licence plate, you need:

When you need to renew

  • You can renew your licence plate up to 90 days before it expires.
  • The expiry date for individuals is usually on your birthday.
  • Business owners and joint registrants should check your vehicle permit for your expiry date.

Renew online and in-person

Renew online

You can renew online for up to 5 vehicles per transaction, for heavy commercial vehicles weighing over 3,000 kg, buses, school buses and farm plated vehicles.

Renew your heavy commercial vehicle licence plate

Renew in-person

Visit a ServiceOntario centre if you cannot renew online.

Find a ServiceOntario centre

You may be able to book an appointment ahead of your visit.

Questions about renewals

Find out more information about renewal requirements or call us at 1-800-387-3445.

Cost and delivery

Payment option updates
Effective November 5, 2023, Interac Online is no longer available as a payment option. Please contact your financial institution if you have any questions. You can complete your order using Visa or MasterCard (Credit or Debit).


Renewal fees are calculated based on the type of heavy commercial vehicle and the registered gross weight.

Check out our calculator

How to pay in-person

Pay with cash, cheque, money order, Visa, Mastercard or Interac®.

If you are paying by cheque, please note:

  • personal cheques must be certified (we will not accept uncertified personal cheques)
  • company cheques must have the company name pre-printed on them
  • cheques must be made payable to: Minister of Finance


If you renew online

Your licence plate sticker(s) will arrive in the mail within 14 days. It may take longer:

  • if you are outside of Ontario
  • when demand is higher than normal

Transaction receipts can be printed for your records at the end of your transactions.

If your sticker is expiring soon and you renew online

You will get a temporary heavy commercial vehicle licence plate sticker validation document when you renew your sticker:

  • 14 days or less before it expires
  • after it expires

Until the new sticker arrives, you must:

  • print the temporary licence plate validation document and keep it in the vehicle
  • leave the existing sticker on the licence plate

The temporary licence plate sticker validation document is:

  • proof that you renewed your sticker
  • gives you a 14-day extension from the order date until the new sticker arrives

If your sticker has not arrived in 14 days, or arrives damaged, call ServiceOntario within 31 days of your order date.

Please note that there is a $7 fee for replacements after 31 days of the order date.

If you renew in-person

You will be given your licence plate sticker at the ServiceOntario centre.

Unpaid fines

Heavy commercial vehicle renewal fees

You may have outstanding renewal fees for your heavy commercial vehicle licence plate if you have received:

The invoice you receive in the mail will include payment instructions and payment deadlines.    

Note: ServiceOntario centres are unable to collect the outstanding fees listed on the notices or invoice received by mail. Please use the payment instructions found on the documents mailed to you to ensure the payments are processed promptly and correctly.

For more information, please contact HCV@ontario.ca or call toll-free at 1-877-408-2495.

Vehicle fines, penalties or tolls

You must pay outstanding vehicle fines, penalties, tolls and fees when you renew your licence plate. These include:

  • highway tolls
  • outstanding vehicle licensing fees (bounced cheques, for example)
  • vehicle fines or penalties such as:
    • parking
    • red light camera
    • passing a stopped school bus
    • operating an unlicensed taxi
    • automated speed enforcement
    • passing a stopped streetcar

To pay any outstanding fines, penalties, tolls or fees on your vehicle, please visit a ServiceOntario centre.

Find a ServiceOntario centre

Commercial vehicle operator’s registration (CVOR)

Some types of heavy commercial vehicles require a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR), which is a separate certificate from the plate renewal. The CVOR office does not issue or renew licence plates.

Learn about the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration program for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

You can renew your CVOR certificate online.

Insurance coverage

Insure your vehicle

By law, to renew your licence plate, your vehicle must be insured.

You will need to compare the vehicle identification number on 3 things:

  • the dashboard of your vehicle
  • your vehicle permit
  • your Canadian inter-province motor vehicle liability insurance card (pink card)

If the vehicle identification number on your dashboard and your Canadian inter-province motor vehicle liability insurance card do not match, you will need to contact your insurance company to fix it.

Check your vehicle identification number before you renew

You will need to correct your vehicle identification number before you can renew your licence plate online.

If the vehicle identification number on your dashboard and vehicle permit does not match, you will need to visit ServiceOntario to correct it. You will need to bring the following documents:

  • the vehicle permit (ownership) – the vehicle portion of the permit is required
  • your Canada Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card (“pink card”)
  • one of the following documents:
    • original vehicle manufacturer’s warranty
    • copy of manufacturer’s invoice
    • original or copy of the bill/certificate of sale from the original selling dealer
    • letter from an authorized dealer for your make of vehicle verifying the correct vehicle identification number of the vehicle
    • copy of certificate of title/certificate of origin
    • copy of New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS).
    • written confirmation from municipal or provincial police verifying that the vehicle identification number was checked through the Canadian police information centre
    • original safety standards certificate, form SR-E-214, only if the last 6 characters of the vehicle identification number are correct
    • sworn affidavit by the vehicle owner explaining the vehicle identification number error

If you do not have insurance, you must get it from an insurance provider licensed to do business in Ontario. Proof of insurance is required to renew your licence plate.

Issues with your plate

If you have any issues with your licence plate, for example:

  • stolen
  • damaged
  • lost

You must visit a ServiceOntario centre.

Find out more information about plate issues.

Emissions test

Heavy-duty diesel vehicles

If your commercial heavy-duty diesel vehicle is registered in Ontario and is 7 years or older, it must pass an emissions test before you can renew your licence plate.

If your vehicle is due for an emissions test, it will be indicated on the renewal notice you received in the mail.

Check if you need an emissions test online.