How to search

Online land registry services
Land registration services, including self-service options, are only accessible online.

Please visit the ONLAND application to complete your transactions.

Fees depend on the type of search you need.

If you would like to search for additional land registration records on Teranet Express, you will need to set up an account with Teranet; the company that supports the delivery of land registration services in partnership with the government.

Set up a Teranet account

Register property documents

You must be authorized by the Director of Land Registration to submit land documents to the electronic land registration system.

Your authorization is valid for at least 5 years.

You will be notified when your authorization is due to expire. You must renew the authorization at least 30 days before it expires.

Notices of Security Interest (NOSIs)

Upcoming Notice of Security Interest (NOSI) Consultation
We want to hear from you. You can participate in our consultation on NOSIs by providing your feedback to Ontario’s Regulatory Registry.

If you enter a contract with a business to finance or lease certain goods that are installed in your home, and once installed they become fixtures (e.g., water heater, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit or a furnace), the business may put a Notice of Security Interest (NOSI) on the title to your property. This notice is registered on the Land Registry System and signals to other parties that the business has an interest in a fixture on the land.

A business may put a NOSI in place to protect its priority in order to allow it to remove its leased or financed fixture if a consumer defaults on payment. It is a common business practice – permitted under the Personal Property Security Act – that is often inaccurately referred to as a lien.

Apply to be authorized

To apply for authorization:

  1. read the detailed application guide
  2. download and complete the correct application form:
    1. Application Form 1 - Non-Government Applicants
    2. Application Form 1A - Government Applicants
  3. complete and sign the Electronic Land Registration Agreement
  4. submit the completed application
    • by email:
    • by mail to:
      Electronic Land Registration System Authorization
      4th Floor
      20 Dundas St W
      Toronto ON  M5G 2C2

Processing time

Applications are generally processed within 1 week of arriving at the head office in Toronto.

If your application has not been granted authorization, you may submit a written request for review within 30 days of the date of the decision. During the review process your account will continue to be authorized on a search-only basis.

Renew your authorization

To apply for renewal of an existing Electronic Land Registration Agreement that is due to expire:

  1. download and complete the correct renewal form:
    1. Renewal Form – Government Account Holders
    2. Renewal Form – Categories A, B and C Account Holders
    3. Renewal Form – Category D Account Holders
  2. complete and sign to confirm that you still meet the requirements as set out in the current version of the agreement
  3. submit the completed renewal application
    • by email:
    • by mail to:
      Electronic Land Registration System Authorization
      4th Floor
      20 Dundas St W
      Toronto ON  M5G 2C2

Please see Bulletin 2013-03 for additional details regarding the renewal process.

Related forms and documents

Inform the Director of Land Registration of changes to your accountInformation Change Form
Order of the Director of Land Registration (outlining the rules and process related to authorization)Order of Director of Land Registration DLRO-08-01
Registration rules for transfers and Powers of AttorneyBulletin 2009-01 - Access Requirements for ELRS; Registration Requirements for Transfers and Powers of Attorney

Applying when out of province

Application details for out-of-province applicants will be provided in the application packages that are sent to them.

They will not be required to have anyone attend in Ontario to complete their applications.

If they are in Ontario for some reason, however, they are not precluded from attending at any land registry office and completing their application.