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You can comment on the ministry review of the amended St. Marys Future Solid Waste Disposal Needs Environmental Assessment until 5:00 p.m. on July 7, 2023.

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Project summary

The Town of St. Marys (town) is proposing to add 708,000 cubic metres (m3) of waste disposal capacity to the St. Marys landfill. This will allow the town to continue providing post-diversion municipal solid waste disposal services to St. Marys’ residents and its industrial, commercial and institutional sector until 2056.

The town has submitted an amended environmental assessment for this project. The assessment looks at how the proposed landfill expansion could impact the environment.

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The Town of St. Marys


Town of St. Marys, County of Perth



Reference number



Kendrick Doll, Environmental Assessment Branch
Tel: 289-980-0466
Toll-free: 1-800-461-6290

Project history

Environmental assessment: submitted
Date submitted: August 13, 2021 (amended environmental assessment submitted on November 11, 2022)
Expiry of public comment period for ministry review: July 7, 2023

Terms of reference - amendment: approved
Date submitted: January 13, 2014
Decision date: December 29, 2014

Terms of reference: approved
Date submitted: November 23, 2012
Expiry of public comment period: December 24, 2012

Amended environmental assessment

An invitation to comment on the St. Marys Future Solid Waste Disposal Needs Environmental Assessment was posted on Ontario’s environmental assessment webpage on August 12, 2021 for a seven-week period, closing October 1, 2021.

In response to the comments received, an amended environmental assessment was submitted to the ministry by the town on November 11, 2022.

The proposed undertaking identified in the amended environmental assessment includes both a vertical and horizontal expansion of the landfill to provide an additional 708,000 m3 of waste disposal capacity. The current landfill footprint of 8 hectares (ha) would be expanded by 3.2 ha, for a total footprint of 11.2 ha.

The proposed landfill expansion would require:

  • realignment of a 230-metre section of a watercourse
  • extension of the existing leachate collection system
  • replacement of two existing stormwater management basins

The existing haul routes and site entrance would continue to be used, providing access to:

  • new landfill access and maintenance roads
  • a relocated public drop-off and scale house on-site

If approval to proceed is given for the undertaking, the landfill expansion must be carried out in accordance with the amended environmental assessment, subject to any conditions of approval, and would include the work outlined above. The town would also need to obtain all other permits and approvals it may require for the undertaking.

Notice of completion of ministry review

The ministry has prepared a review of the amended environmental assessment for Indigenous community, public and agency comment.

The review of the amended environmental assessment is not the decision on the undertaking, nor does it recommend a specific decision on the environmental assessment.

The decision whether to give approval to proceed with the undertaking would be made by the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks after the comment period is over and any submissions have been considered. The minister’s decision is subject to the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

How to get the information you need

You can read the ministry review on our website.

The amended environmental assessment is available on the Town of St. Marys project website.

Submit your comments

You can submit comments to the minister about the:

  • undertaking
  • amended environmental assessment
  • ministry review

You may also request a hearing by the Ontario Land Tribunal. If you request a hearing, you must state in your submission whether you are requesting a hearing on the whole application or on only specified matters related to the application.
To have your comments or request for a hearing considered by the Minister, we must receive your written comments by 5 p.m. on July 7, 2023.

Send your written comments by email to:

Environmental Assessment Branch
Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
Attention: Kendrick Doll, Senior Project Evaluator

If you make a submission or request a hearing before 5 p.m. on July 7, 2023, you will be notified of any decisions about this environmental assessment. Otherwise, the undertaking may proceed without further notice to you.

If no submissions or requests for a hearing are received, the undertaking may be approved with no further public notice. This will allow the undertaking to proceed.

Your privacy

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, unless otherwise stated in the submission, any personal information such as name, address, telephone number and property location included in all submissions become part of the public record files for this matter and can be released, if requested, to any person.

Terms of reference

On December 29, 2014, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change approved the amended terms of reference for this project.

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