Licence No. 552594

Approved by Order-in-Council O.C. 654/2013
Dated May 15, 2013

Subject to the Crown Forest Sustainability Act and the regulations thereto, and the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, a licence is granted to Whitefeather Forest Community Resource Management Authority (herein called “the Company”) located at Pikangikum Indian Reserve No. 14, Pikangikum, ON P0V 2L0 to harvest the following species of forest resources from the Licence Area in the Whitefeather Forest, which Licence Area is described in Appendix “A” hereto, for the term of this licence; and the Company is required to carry out renewal and maintenance activities in the Licence Area, on behalf of the Crown, which are necessary to provide for the sustainability of the Crown forest.

Tree species

All species

Terms and conditions

This Licence has been executed and delivered by the Minister of Natural Resources this 29th day of May, 2013.

Original Signed by the Honourable David Orazietti
Minister of Natural Resources for the Province of Ontario

Appendix “A”

Legal description of licence area

All that parcel or tract of land in the Territorial District of Kenora as identified on the Plan map dated the 14th day of May 2013 prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources, a print of which said map is attached and forms part of this Appendix.

Saving and excepting thereout and therefrom those lands which have been alienated from or not vested in the Crown, all areas regulated under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006, all Ministry of Transportation lands registered by Crown Land Plan, lands under the Mining Lease where the Minister does not have the right to conduct forest management and all First Nations and other Federal lands.

Appendix “B”

Procedure for the periodic review of a company’s obligations with respect to a Sustainable Forest Licence

Refer to the Crown Forest Sustainability Act, 1994, S.O. 1994, c. 25, Ontario Regulation 160/04.

Appendix “C”

Forest Renewal Trust

Eligible silviculture work

The cost of eligible silviculture work that can be claimed from the Forest Renewal Trust includes direct employee costs and contractor costs associated with:

  1. Cone Collection and Transport
  2. Seed Extraction, Storage, Testing and Transport
  3. Tree Improvement
  4. Seedling Purchase and Delivery
    • includes pre-payments
  5. Seedling Planting
  6. Direct Seeding
    • includes cost of seed and application
  7. Site Preparation:
    • Mechanical
    • Chemical (including cost of herbicide)
    • Prescribed Burn
    • Slash Pile Burning (includes piling)
  8. Tending:
    • Cleaning
    • Spacing, pre-commercial thinning and improvement (evenaged and unevenaged)
  9. Tree Marking
  10. HARO
  11. Modified Harvest Cutting
  12. Silvicultural Surveys and Associated Information e.g. Free-to-Grow, Supplemental Aerial Photography
  13. Associated Administrative Overhead (and other payroll burden)
  14. And other such activities as identified by the Minister from time to time.

The eligible silviculture work is subject to the conditions in the Renewal Trust Agreement.

Appendix “D”

Minimum balance

Management unit account

Whitefeather Forest (Licence no. 552594)

The Company will establish and maintain the minimum balance, the amount of which shall be determined as follows:

PeriodMinimum balance
Each Year prior to 1st Harvest Year$0.00
1st Harvest Year until 2nd Harvest Year$25,000.00
2nd Harvest Year until 3rd Harvest Year$75,000.00
3rd Harvest Year until 4th Harvest Year$165,000.00
4th Harvest Year and each Year thereafter$285,000.00

In this Appendix,

“Harvest Year” means a Year in which forest resources are harvested in the Licence Area under the authority of this licence or a licence held by an Overlapping Licensee, provided that any of the harvesting is carried out for a purpose other than the following: (i) to clear a right of way; (ii) for personal use; or (iii) for any other purpose specified by the Ministry in writing.

“Minimum Balance” means the cash balance in the Management Unit Account for the Licence Area at March 31st of each Year.

Appendix “E”

Wood supply commitments

The Company shall comply with the following wood supply commitments pertaining to the Whitefeather Forest:

[No information provided]

Appendix “F”

Special conditions

The Company shall comply with the following special conditions pertaining to the Whitefeather Forest:

[No information provided]

Appendix “G”

Summary of Sustainable Forest Licence amendments

[No information provided]

Appendix “H”

Potential wood supply arrangements

The following potential wood supply arrangement(s) are under consideration by the Ministry of Natural Resources on the Whitefeather Forest:

  1. Domtar Inc. – up to 200,000 cubic metres annually of merchantable spruce, pine, and fir consistent with correspondence from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the owner and successor owners of the Dryden pulp facility, originating with the letter to Avenor Inc. dated March 31, 1995 regarding Wabakimi Park Proposed Boundary Changes and Avenor Licenses.

Nothing in this licence creates any legally binding obligation on the part of the Minister to third parties.