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Current Status

Declaration order: granted, December 9, 2004

Project Summary

The Union Subway Station Second Platform and Concourse Improvements Project.

Project History

  • Declaration order: granted
    • Date submitted: September 14, 2004
    • Expiry of public comment period: October 29, 2004
    • Decision date: December 9, 2004

Declaration Order

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) requested a Declaration Order from the Minister of the Environment for the Union Subway Station Second Platform and Concourse Improvements Project. On December 1, 2003, a Declaration Order request was submitted to the Minister of the Environment by the TTC. The project involves improving the capacity of Union Station through the construction of a new platform on the south side of the existing subway tracks and expanding and reconfiguring the concourse level of Union Station to alleviate current congestion and to meet future needs.

This is one of four priority projects announced by the three levels of government to kick start the revitalization of the waterfront. As this proposal is part of a new rail transit system, it is subject to the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA).

The basis for the TTC ’s Declaration Order request pertains to the urgent need to address capacity concerns to ensure the safe and efficient movement of passengers through Union Station. The public was afforded the opportunity to provide comments on this request through a 45-day posting on the Environmental Registry between September 14, 2004 and October 29, 2004 . One comment was received which raised concerns about environmental impacts being overlooked should an environmental assessment not be prepared for this project. The comment however, did not identify any specific environmental effects.

The ministry’s review indicated that there are no significant environmental effects anticipated as a result of this project. Potential effects may result from construction activities but will be mitigated. The federal review also did not identify any significant environmental effects.

On December 9, 2004, the Minister of the Environment with Cabinet concurrence approved TTC ’s request for the Declaration Order for this project subject to conditions. These conditions require that the TTC obtain all appropriate approvals under the Environmental Protection Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act, that TTC shall mitigate any environmental effects resulting from construction activities as specified, that TTC shall provide environmental studies/investigation reports to the ministry as specified and that TTC shall consult with additional heritage stakeholders as required by the Ministry of Culture.