Do your research

If you decide to hire someone to help you file a tax return it’s important to:

  • choose a company with a good reputation
  • hire someone who is properly trained

Make sure to ask:

  • how recently they took tax classes
  • if they have an accounting certification
  • whether they can help you should the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit or look into your accounts in the future

You can also check the Better Business Bureau and Ontario’s Consumer Beware list for recent complaints about companies or people.

Stay away from instant tax returns

Around tax season, many companies offer deals where they will give you your money right away. In many cases, it’s a loan that you will have to pay back with interest. You could end up having to pay back the ‘instant refund’ and pay additional income tax to the CRA.

Keep copies of receipts

Reliable tax preparation companies will ask to see your paperwork to help you avoid penalties, interest or additional taxes should the CRA audit or look into your accounts.

Be Honest

Even if your taxes are prepared by someone else, you’re legally responsible for what’s on your tax return. Be honest and don’t manipulate the figures for a better tax return.

Never sign a blank tax form

If someone is preparing your taxes, make sure you read your tax return before you sign it to make sure it’s correct and that you understand it.