About this award

The Attorney General’s Victim Services Awards of Distinction (VSAD) recognizes the dedication and achievements of professionals, organizations and volunteers working to support people who have experienced victimization due to crime and raise awareness of victims’ issues in Ontario.

Who is eligible

Nominees must be Ontario residents, of any age, and be either:

  • individuals who have experienced victimization due to crime, their family members or others personally impacted by crime who have raised the profile of victims' issues in Ontario
  • volunteers who offer their time and personal resources to help people who have experienced victimization due to crime
  • professional practitioners and paid victim services providers who have gone above and beyond their regular duties while providing support people who have experienced victimization due to crime
  • programs, groups and organizations that deliver innovative services to people who have experienced victimization due to crime

Crime means an offence under the Criminal Code (Canada).

Nominations are especially encouraged for:

  • youth
  • individuals and organizations
    • who are part of, or support, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities
    • that deliver human trafficking services to people living in Ontario
    • combatting systemic racism and marginalization or focusing on service provider self-care

The person or group you are nominating must agree to the nomination. They will be asked to consent to the collection of their information.

Who is not eligible

You cannot nominate yourself and we will not accept nominations for:

  • employees of federal, provincial and municipal governments and sworn police officers
  • people with criminal cases currently before the courts
  • people and organizations located outside Ontario, with exceptions made for human trafficking work

Nominate someone

Submit a nomination for an individual or organization by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 3, 2021 EST.

A nomination should demonstrate how the group or individual has gone beyond normal service to support victims of crime. It should include:

  • a description of the group or individual
  • who is served and how many people use the service
  • examples of the impact of the service
  • any community recognition or achievements the group or individual received

In the nomination, you can also include:

  • quotes
  • excerpts from news articles
  • reference letters
  • other content

Do not submit additional attachments.

Consider writing your nomination in another document that you can save. You can add it to the nomination form when you are ready to complete and submit the nomination.

Completed nominations should be sent to AGVSAD@ontario.ca with the subject: VSAD Nomination.

Past recipients

Learn more about the 2020-21 award recipients and see a photo of the recipients from the 2020-2021 awards ceremony below.

Screenshot of Zoom video call where the Attorney General presented the Victim Services Awards of Distinction to the 2020-2021 recipients

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Learn about the award winners from 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Updated: November 10, 2021
Published: June 10, 2021