The EWRB initiative gives owners, managers and customers access to market data that can help them make smarter investments. We publish building performance data on Ontario's Data Catalogue so that you can compare your building's energy and water usage to other similar buildings. The information collected may also be used to write reports about energy and water usage.

Data elements that may be disclosed

Building Identifiers

  • City
  • First three digits of the postal code

Building Characteristics

  • Primary property use type
  • Secondary property use type(s)
  • Third-party performance certifications

Performance Metrics

  • Whether the reporter ran the Data Quality Checker and the date it was run
  • Weather-normalized electricity use intensity (kWh/ft2, GJ/m2)
  • Weather-normalized natural gas use intensity (GJ/m2, m3/m2, m3/ft2)
  • Source energy use intensity (ekWh/ft2, GJ/m2)
  • Weather-normalized source energy use intensity (ekWh/ft2, GJ/m2)
  • Site energy use intensity (ekWh/ft2, GJ/m2)
  • Weather-normalized site energy use intensity (ekWh/ft2, GJ/m2)
  • Indoor water use intensity (m3/m2, m3/ft2)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions intensity (kgCO2/ft2, kgCO2e/m2)
  • ENERGY STAR score

Data elements that are not disclosed

We will not publicly disclose total energy and water use, total greenhouse gas emissions and gross floor area for individual buildings reported. We will also not publish the following information, although we may use this data to publish analysis of building performance at an aggregated level (for example, analyzing size distribution of all buildings of a type):

Building Characteristics

  • Property Gross Floor Area – Self-reported
  • Gross floor area of specific property use types
  • Occupancy rate
  • Property notes

Total Usage Data and Greenhouse Gases

  • Electricity use (either grid-purchased or generated from onsite renewable systems)
  • Weather-normalized electricity use (same as above)
  • Natural gas use
  • Weather-normalized natural gas use
  • Fuel oil use (#1, 2, 4, 5 and 6)
  • Diesel use
  • District energy use (steam, hot water or chilled water)
  • Kerosene use
  • Propane use
  • Wood use
  • Coke use
  • Source energy use
  • Weather-normalized source energy use
  • Site energy use
  • Weather-normalized site energy use
  • Water use
  • Total greenhouse gas emissions

Reporter Identifiers

  • Assessment Roll Number
  • Property Data Administrator name
  • Property Data Administrator email address
  • Portfolio Manager property ID
  • Portfolio Manager parent property ID (when multiple buildings are reported together)
  • Name of legal owner