Residential property types

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Multi-residential – with 7 or more self-contained units340
Multi-residential – with 7 or more self-contained residential units, with small commercial unit(s)341
Residential condominium370
Life lease – no redemption371
Life lease – return on investment372
Cooperative housing – equity373
Cooperative housing – non-equity374
Residential leasehold condominium corporation378

Commercial property types – office, medical office, bank and communications

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Small office building400
Large office building402
Large medical/dental building403
Multi-type complex – defined as a large multi-use complex consisting of retail/office and other uses470
Communication buildings496

Commercial property types – retail, restaurant, grocery, automotive and repair services

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Retail lumber yard407
Retail – one storey, generally over 10,000 s.f.409
Retail – one storey410
Restaurant – conventional411
Restaurant – fast food412
Specialty automotive shop421
Auto dealership422
Auto dealership – independent dealer or used vehicles423
Neighbourhood shopping centre with anchor425
Small box shopping centre less than 100,000 s.f.426
Big box shopping/power centre greater than 100,000 s.f.427
Regional shopping centre428
Community shopping centre429
Neighbourhood shopping centre without anchor430
Freestanding supermarket434
Large retail building centre435
Freestanding large retail store – national chain436
Neighbourhood shopping centre with offices above438
Retail or office with residential unit(s) above or behind472
Retail with more than one non-retail use473
Retail with office(s)478

Commercial property types – hotel, lodge and resort

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Full service hotel444
Limited service hotel445
Apartment hotel446
Condominium hotel447
Resort hotel460

Commercial property types – entertainment, recreation, resort and cultural

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Concert hall/live theatre416
Entertainment complex with a large cinema as anchor tenant417
Golf course490
Ski resort491
Place of worship – with a clergy residence700
Place of worship – without a clergy residence701
Recreational sport club710
Bowling alley711
Racetrack – auto715
Racetrack – horse, with slot facility716
Exhibition grounds/fair grounds718
Commercial sport complex720
Non-commercial sports complex721
Professional sports complex722
Amusement park725
Amusement park – large/regional726
Museum and/or art gallery730
Library and/or literary institutions731
Convention, conference, congress centre733
Banquet hall734
Assembly hall, community hall735
Clubs – private, fraternal736

Commercial property types – commercial condominium

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Commercial condominium475
Commercial condominium – live/work476

Industrial property types

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Standard industrial properties not specifically identified by other industrial property codes520
Research and development facilities535
Other industrial – all other types not specifically defined540
Truck terminal544
Major distribution centre545
Bulk oil/fuel distribution terminal553
Industrial condominium575
Industrial mall580

Institutional property types

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Post-secondary education – university, community college, etc.601
Multiple occupancy educational institutional residence located on or off campus602
School – elementary or secondary, including private605
Other educational institution – schools for the blind, deaf, special education, training, etc.610
Other institutional residence611
Hospital – private or public621
Continuum of care seniors facility623
Retirement/nursing home624
Nursing home625
Old age/retirement home626
Other health care facility627

Other property types

DescriptionMPAC Property Type
Cemetery with non-internment services703
Airport leasehold740
Airport authority741
Transit garage748
Scientific, pharmaceutical, medical research facility (structures predominantly other than office)750