This guideline has been prepared to assist the workplace parties in understanding the requirements of the confined space provisions in the Confined Spaces Regulation (O. Reg. 632/05) under the OHSA. It is not intended to replace the Regulation and reference should always be made to the official version of the Regulation. In any case where the guideline may differ from the Regulation, the regulatory provisions prevail.

The guideline does not prescribe how an employer must develop and implement specific components necessary for confined space entry and safe work in confined spaces in order to comply with the Regulation; however, it answers common questions about the regulatory provisions. In addition, tables of regulatory provisions are provided in each section, where applicable.

It is the responsibility of the workplace parties to ensure compliance with the OHSA and its regulations. This guideline does not constitute legal advice and has no legal effect. If you require assistance with respect to the interpretation of the Regulation and its potential application in specific circumstances, please contact your legal counsel.

While this guideline will also be available to Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) inspectors, they will apply and enforce the OHSA and its regulations based on the facts as they may find them in the workplace. This guideline does not affect their enforcement discretion in any way.