About accessibility laws

Laws and standards

Learn about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and more.

Your rights and responsibilities

Learn about accessibility requirements, review accessibility standards and find resources.

Advancing Accessibility in Ontario

Learn about the framework focused on making Ontario more accessible.

Reviews, committees and councils

Read legislative reviews and learn about the groups that help make Ontario more accessible.

Information for people with disabilities

Programs and services

Learn about medical supports, tax credits, benefits and more.


Find programs, services and training for job seekers.

Request accommodations

Get tips for requesting an accommodation in your workplace.

Guide dogs and service animals

Learn about your rights and requirements for guide dogs or other service animals.

Information for businesses and organizations

Guides and resources

Find resources to help make your business or organization more accessible and inclusive.

Accommodating employees

Get tips for accommodating employees with disabilities in your workplace.

Hire people with disabilities

Learn how to access talent and reach new customers.

Get funding

Find out what grants you could receive to make Ontario a more inclusive place for all ages and abilities.

Complying with the AODA

Accessibility Standards Checklist

Use our interactive self-assessment tool to identify the AODA requirements that apply to your organization.

Report on accessibility compliance

Learn how to submit a report if you are a business, non-profit organization or a designated public sector organization.

Rules for businesses and non-profits

Learn about the rules businesses and non-profit organizations must follow to meet the standards under the AODA.

Rules for public sector organizations

Learn about the rules that broader public sector organizations must follow to meet the standards under the AODA.

Other resources

Accessible customer service

Learn about the steps required to meet the customer service standard.

Accessible workplaces

Learn how to make your employment practices accessible for staff and applicants.

Accessible websites

Learn how to make new and existing websites accessible.

Accessible public spaces

Make public spaces such as paths and waiting areas accessible.

Accessible kiosks

Understand accessible feature considerations for self-service kiosks.

Make information accessible

Understand the formats and tools available to make information accessible for everyone.


Take free training modules to learn about your rights and responsibilities.

Train staff on accessibility

Learn how to train staff on work-related accessibility.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)

Find out who must comply and how to meet these accessibility standards.

Municipal accessibility advisory committees

Learn how municipalities must work with their committees and how to serve on one.

Accessible transportation services

Learn about the rules the public sector must follow when providing public transportation.

Accessibility rules for procurement

Learn about the rules the public sector must follow when procuring goods, services or facilities.

Forms, checklists and sample templates

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