COVID-19 support

Financial support

Learn what financial support is available in addition to Employment Insurance and other relief from the federal government’s COVID‑19 Economic Response Plan during COVID‑19.

How to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

You can use the provincial system to book your appointment.

Other supports

Learn what other supports are available during COVID‑19.

Employment and accommodation information

Accessible workplaces

Find tips on receiving accommodation in the workplace and during the hiring process.

Employment supports

Find programs and services that help job seekers with disabilities find meaningful employment.

Interpreter and intervenor supports

Find out more about the services available for people who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or deafblind.

Volunteer opportunities

Find information on how to get involved and volunteer in Ontario.

Health and medical

Accessible parking permit

Learn about the types of accessible parking permits you may be eligible for.

Assistive Devices Program

Get help paying for equipment and supplies, such as wheelchairs and hearing aids for those with long-term disabilities.

Community Support Services

Services to help seniors and people living with disabilities live independently.

Guide dogs and service animals

Learn about where guide dogs and service animals are allowed, what is considered to be a service animal and documentation requirements.

Home and Vehicle Modification Program

You could get money to help with the cost of making your home and vehicle more accessible.

Ontario Drug Benefit Program

Get help paying for prescription drugs.

Tax credits and finances

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

If you are a parent caring for a child under 18 years of age with a severe disability, you may be able to receive some financial help.

ODSP: Ontario Disability Support Program

Income support to help people with disabilities and their families to live as independently as possible in their communities.

Ontario Disability Support Program Dental Care

Dental care services such as oral exams, x-rays, fillings and extractions may be provided for free to ODSP recipients and their family.

OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program

How to apply for money that can help you pay for a college or university education.

Other credits and benefits

Find other benefit and tax credit programs you may be eligible for.

Laws and standards

Accessibility in Ontario

Learn about the laws, requirements and legislative reviews that are intended to reduce and remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Advancing accessibility framework

Learn about the cross-government framework focused on helping identify, remove and preventing barriers for more than 2.6 million people across the province who have a disability.

Accessibility standards

Find out how Ontario’s accessibility standards can help prevent, reduce and remove barriers in customer service, access to information, public transportation, employment and outdoor public spaces.

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