General information

Ontario Apiary Program

Learn about the Ontario Apiary Program and find contact information for apiary inspectors, the Provincial Apiarist and more.

Summary of beekeeping regulations

Learn about the rules and regulations for keeping honey bees in Ontario.

Regulatory requirements for honey

Learn about requirements for honey under Ontario Regulation 119/11, including food safety, premises, label, container, grading, misrepresentation and honey substitutes.

Selling honey bees and used beekeeping equipment

Learn about the permits and requirements for selling or giving away honey bees and used beekeeping equipment.

Importing honey bees into Ontario

Learn about the requirements for moving bees through Ontario and importing bees or used equipment from other Canadian provinces and outside the country.

Abandoned bee yards

Learn about the risks and what to do if you suspect a bee yard has been abandoned.

Beekeeper registration

Learn about first-time registration and registration renewal requirements for beekeepers in Ontario.

Managing honey bee health

Honey bee pests and diseases

What you need to know about pests and diseases that can affect managed honey bee health in Ontario.

Best management and biosecurity practices for beekeeping

Information on best management practices, integrated pest management and biosecurity practices for managing honey bees in Ontario.

Essential practices for beekeepers

Learn about the recommended practices to ensure healthy, productive managed honey bees in Ontario.

Treatment recommendations

Learn about the recommended monitoring methods, treatment methods and timing of treatments for honey bee pests and disease.

Additional resources

Beekeeping resources

Information on programs, associations, education, funding and business supports for beekeepers in Ontario.

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

Learn how to submit an application when your bee colonies, bee hives or bee hive-related equipment are damaged by wildlife.

Black bear encounters

Prevent and report encounters with black bears and learn who to contact.

Horticultural crop statistics

Get data on production, harvested area, sales and prices for fruits, vegetables, greenhouse, honey and maple syrup in Ontario.

Honey bee pests and pathogens in Ontario apiaries

Get data on pests and pathogens measured in honey bee apiaries from 2015 to 2019.

Reports and forms

Beekeeper registration form

Any person who owns or is in possession of honey bees or used beekeeping equipment in Ontario must apply to the Provincial Apiarist for a certificate of registration. Access the beekeeper registration application form online or as a fillable PDF and apply to the Provincial Apiarist for a beekeeper certificate of registration.

Honey bee sales report form

Every person who sells live honey bees must report sales to the Provincial Apiarist within 30 days of the date of sale. Use this form to report your honey bee sales to the Provincial Apiarist. This template form will help ensure that the minimum required information is reported.

Managed honey bee mortality report

Use this online form to report a significant honey bee mortality incident experienced in your operation either during this active beekeeping season or over the past winter.

Northern giant hornet report form

Use this online form to report and submit a picture of a suspected case of northern giant hornet. To date, there is no evidence that northern giant hornets are present in Ontario. Some examples of commonly encountered species that may be confused with northern giant hornets and that are frequently reported can be found on the Ontario northern giant hornet webpage.



An interactive tool to create custom maps and find agricultural information for Ontario.

Small hive beetle viewer

An interactive map showing the total number of positive cases of small hive beetle per township.

Annual apiary reports

Annual apiculture winter loss reports

Learn about Ontario honey bee colony winter mortality and the management practices used by registered beekeepers to monitor and control pests and diseases.

Annual Provincial Apiarist reports

Learn about pest and disease levels, honey production, pollination services, honey bee mortality and any emerging issues in a given beekeeping season.

Laws and regulations

The Bees Act and Ontario Regulation 57 - General set out the requirements governing beekeeping in Ontario. If you own bees or beekeeping equipment, you are required to meet these requirements regardless of the size, location or purpose of your beekeeping activities.

Regulation 119/11 - Produce, Honey and Maple Products under the Food Safety and Quality Act sets out the legal requirements for honey, including:

  • grading
  • packaging
  • labelling
  • transporting
  • selling