Resources for apprentices and job seekers

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a pathway to a rewarding career in the trades. As an apprentice, you take classes and learn your trade by working under the direction of experienced workers – and get paid while you do it.

Find out how to qualify, find a sponsor or employer to hire you, or get money or grants to help you pay for apprenticeship training and tools.

Prepare for apprenticeship

Learn about three programs that will help you get the skills you need to start an apprenticeship.

Start an apprenticeship

Find out where to start – or if you already have an employer or sponsor, see how you can apply to become an apprentice in or outside of Ontario.

Finish an apprenticeship

Find out what you get when you finish an apprenticeship and what you can do next.

Money for apprentices

Learn about the provincial and federal financial supports for apprentices, find out if you qualify and how to apply.

Find an employer or sponsor

Get help finding an employer or sponsor to hire you for your apprenticeship. You can also search for an apprenticeship on our job bank.

Change your employer or sponsor

If you are working with a sponsor and already approved to participate in an apprenticeship, you can update your sponsor’s information online.

Explore trades in Ontario

You can work as a powerline technician, cook, horticultural technician, hairstylist or auto service technician. Check out all the designated trades.

Search job profiles

Find out if the job you are interested in is in demand, how much it pays, education requirements and more.

Resources for employers

A woman instructs young adults in a task involving machines and wires.

Benefits and incentives

Gain what you train by taking on an apprentice. Take advantage of funding, programs and tax incentives.

An older man shows a younger man how to use an industrial machine.

Hire an apprentice

Get advice on how to start your apprentice search. You can also post an apprenticeship on our job bank.

Get help and advice

Make an appointment with an employment counsellor

Apprentices can make a free appointment with an employment counsellor to get advice on their job search and training.

Speak with an employment counsellor in:

Employers can make a free appointment with an employment counsellor to get advice on attracting and recruiting the right employees, and how to get money to help with on-the-job training costs. Visit the Open for Business page to find resources on how to grow your business.

Speak with an employment counsellor in:

Find an Employment Ontario office

Get help in person at one of the 32 Employment Ontario apprenticeship offices across the province.

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