The Huronia Regional Campus is about 260 acres of government-owned and managed land that at the north of Lake Simcoe. It was the site of the Huronia Regional Centre from 1876 until it was closed in 2009. Since then, the land has been used for government programs and services that include:

  • Ontario Provincial Police trainee residences and training facilities
  • a courthouse
  • a public health lab

While these programs and services will continue on the site, we know that many people have personal views on its history and possible future use. That’s why we wanted your feedback on what we should do with the approximately 175 acres of currently unused land. Options could include:

  • expanding current programs and services
  • selling the land to another level of government, a not-for-profit organization, a school board or a private buyer
  • public cultural and/or recreational development (e.g. trails)

About the consultation

From August 25, 2016 to April 28, 2017, we asked Ontarians to share their feedback through an online survey, email submission or by attending two public meetings at Orillia City Hall.

We also encouraged Ontarians to meet within their communities to discuss their ideas and opinions. To help guide those conversations, we shared the following discussion guides:

We will report back on what heard during this consultation in spring 2017.

Map of the land

Aerial view of the Huronia Regional Campus lands.

View a larger version of this map (PDF)

This aerial view of the complete Huronia Regional Campus lands shows the boundaries of two distinct areas:

  1. The unused government land (yellow outline): 175 acres of natural areas and waterfront roughly bounded by United Drive to the north, about 1.75 km of waterfront to the east, Woodland Drive to the south and Memorial Drive and the built-up government-used portion to the west.
  2. The government-used land (red outline): 87 acres of built-up property roughly bounded by United Drive to the north, the unused government land to the east and south and Memorial Drive to the west.

Privacy and personal information

Your privacy is important to us. Do not include personal information (such as your address) in your responses or any information that identifies a friend, family member or other person.

If you chose to provide personal information through the survey, this website or by email, the information will be handled according to our privacy statement.