Ontario Agriculture Week happens each year beginning on the Monday before Thanksgiving Day. It’s a time to recognize and acknowledge the ongoing contribution Ontario farmers make to the agriculture and food supply chain, which is an important part of the province's economy.

The Ontario government celebrated the 25th anniversary of Ontario Agriculture Week in 2023 through the Dine Ontario initiative, which ran from October 1 to 8.

Thank you to the hard-working farmers, food processors, restaurants and diners who participated in Ontario Agriculture Week and the Dine Ontario initiative.

Dine Ontario to support Agriculture Week

As part of Dine Ontario, restaurants and food businesses across the province signed up to participate by featuring items on their menus with good things grown, brewed and made in Ontario including wine, beer, spirits and cider.

Explore the list of participating restaurants and food businesses and find one in your area.

List of participating restaurants and food businesses