Changes to the eligibility requirements for the water taking EASR and the air emissions EASR for combined heat and power systems will be in effect on July 1, 2021. To learn more about these changes, refer to:

For more information you may contact the Client Services and Permissions Branch by phone, Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) at 416-314-8001 (Toll-free: 1-800-461-6290 ) or by email at

When to register on the EASR

Businesses with less complex operations may register themselves online on the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). Businesses with more complex or unique operations must apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) or a Permit to Take Water (PTTW).

The general requirements for the EASR are described in Ontario Regulation 245/11.

Activities eligible for the EASR

Find out the eligibility requirements for these activities and facilities:

Register on the EASR

To register on the EASR, you will need to create your Public Secure and ministry account.

Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your web browser to log into Public Secure and access your ministry account. If you encounter issues, try disabling pop-up blockers or clearing your browser history to address them.

Once you register your activity, you can log into your ministry account at any time to access an electronic copy of your registration.

Learn more about setting up your Public Secure and ministry account.

For assistance, contact the Client Services and Permissions Branch.

Confirmation of registration

You will receive an electronic confirmation of registration in your ministry account once payment has been received. You need this confirmation as proof of registration before starting or continuing the registered activity.

Update a registration

You must update inaccurate information on your registration within 30 days of discovering the inaccuracy.

To update your information, you need to access your ministry account online.


In extraordinary circumstances or in response to site-specific concerns, an EASR eligible activity may be better aligned with another permission such as an Environmental Compliance Approval or Permit to Take Water.

In these cases, the ministry may issue a Section 20.18 order to the site.

If the order is issued, you do not have to register the activity, but you may still need to apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval or a Permit to Take Water. If it is not issued, you must register the activity.

For more information, contact the Client Services and Permissions Branch.

Removal from the EASR

You need to request to remove your registration from the EASR if you are no longer engaging in the prescribed activity.

In addition, your registration will be removed when an order has been issued by the Director stating that Part II.2 of the Environmental Protection Act does not apply to the specific activity.


The one-time registration fee is $1,916 for the following EASR activities:

  • automotive refinishing facilities
  • commercial printing facilities
  • waste management systems (non-hazardous waste transport)
  • small ground-mounted solar facilities
  • facilities processing end-of-life vehicles
  • water taking for pumping tests

The fee for registering activities with air emissions is $2,353.

The fee for the following construction project water-takings remains $1,190:

  • highway projects and transit projects
  • construction site dewatering

Payment method

Pay online by:

  • credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard

Hearings and public consultation

Your registration does not have to be posted on Ontario’s Environmental Registry, and third-party appeal provisions do not apply.

Search registrations

Search for registrations on the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry, along with other environmental permissions, using Access Environment.

For more information

For more information about EASRs, contact the Client Services and Permissions Branch: