A framework for French as a second language in Ontario schools

Executive summary

This resource is to help school boards and schools in Ontario maximize opportunities for students to reach their full potential in French as a second language (FSL). It outlines:

  • the importance of learning French as a second language
  • how the FSL framework was developed
  • the vision, goals and focus areas for FSL in Ontario
  • how parents can support their child’s success
  • FSL programs available in Ontario

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A guide for Ontario schools: including students with special education needs in FSL programs

Executive summary

This resource serves as a companion to the framework for FSL by providing additional research, data and examples of inclusive practice. It discusses strategies and supports to make FSL programs available to students with special education needs.

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Welcoming English-language learners into FSL programs

Read the resource that builds on the framework for French as a second language (FSL). It provides information and strategies relevant to English language learners.

Canada-Ontario Agreement on Minority-Language Education and Second Official-Language Instruction (2020-2023)

The Canada-Ontario Agreement (2020-2023) is a cooperation framework on minority-language and second official-language instruction. The agreement’s objectives aim to provide members of the French-language minority and English-language learners in Ontario with the opportunity to be educated in French and benefit from cultural enrichment.

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