Vaccines prevent serious illnesses.

You can get immunized and learn about preventing diseases with vaccines at an immunization clinic.


Immunization clinics are held at a variety of locations across Ontario, including:


Here are the services you can get across Ontario:

  • immunization in the community (e.g. routinely recommended vaccines)
  • immunization programs in schools (Hep B, Men-C-ACYW, HPV)
  • flu vaccination
  • vaccines for travel
  • immunization services (e.g. routinely recommended vaccines) provided at health care provider  offices  (e.g. doctors, nurse practitioner)
  • student immunization clinics
  • immunization clinics provided during an outbreak

Keep in mind services may vary by location.

When to use this option

  • if you’re seeking immunization or information for a specific disease
  • when you are travelling out of the country


You don’t need a referral for this service.


An appointment may be required. Phone the nearest immunization clinic for more information.


You may have to pay a fee for some immunization services. It depends on whether:

  • you qualify for a particular publicly funded vaccination
  • the immunization service (including the vaccine and its administration)  is covered by OHIP