College program standards

Program standards apply to all similar programs of instruction offered by publicly funded colleges across the province. Individual colleges also determine whether additional learning outcomes will be required to reflect specific local needs and/or interests.

Read the program standards if you're designing a program for a college.

Degree authority

Learn about postsecondary institutions' degree-granting authority and how it is granted.

Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB)

Graduation rates and graduate employment outcomes

Key performance indicators for public postsecondary institutions:

International Student Program

Requirements to apply for or renew status as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in the International Student Program. (ISP)

Forms to apply for status as a Designated Learning Institution

Ontario Qualifications Framework

The Ontario Qualifications Framework (OQF) includes all non-religious postsecondary certificate, diploma and degree programs offered under the auspices of the Province of Ontario. This includes:

  • apprenticeship certificates
  • the qualifications awarded by private career colleges
  • the qualifications awarded by public colleges
  • degrees offered by public universities and institutions authorized to award degrees by a consent of the Minister of Colleges and Universities

Policy frameworks and operating procedures

Binding Policy Directives, Operating procedures and frameworks provide details about the roles and responsibilities of CAATs under the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002 and Regulations for the Act: O.Reg. 34/03.

All policy framework guidelines and operating procedures are available upon request from

Workplace insurance for postsecondary students

Postsecondary students in publicly assisted colleges and universities are eligible for ministry sponsored WSIB coverage if they are required to take an unpaid work placement to graduate from their approved program.

Download the ministry's application form


Program Funding Approvals and Administration Module (PFAAM)

Ontario College Application Services (OCAS)