A stronger Ontario

Across Ontario, the economy is getting stronger. More workers are joining the skilled trades as resources and industries in the north become part of the future of clean steel and electric vehicles. As Ontario grows, more jobs are being created, new homes constructed, public transit expanded, and highways built.

How Ontario’s economy is getting stronger

Attracting more skilled workers

More workers are joining the skilled trades as resources and industries in the north become part of the future of clean steel and electric vehicles. Ontario is providing support for the skilled trades career path that requires hands-on work and specialty knowledge. Supports include expanding job training tax credits and making it easier for workers trained in other countries to start meaningful careers in the province.

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Building bridges, highways and public transit

As Ontario grows and attracts more workers, it’s important that we build the bridges, highways and public transit that will keep the province moving forward. Ontario is advancing highway expansion and rehabilitation projects, as well as expanding rapid transit projects that will reduce gridlock, connect neighbourhoods and generate economic benefits.

Learn about the northern and southern highway programs and Ontario’s priority transit projects.

Connecting northern resources to the future of electric vehicles

Ontario is investing time and resources to become a leader in developing and building the cars of the future using emerging technologies and advanced manufacturing processes. We’re building up home-grown supply chains that connect northern mines and minerals to support the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

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Promoting the manufacturing of clean steel

Ontario is supporting job creation and investment certainty for industries across the north. We’re helping to provide an affordable and reliable supply of clean electricity for years to come. Ontario-generated clean electricity will power the machinery of steel production and make sure Ontario companies are part of the future of building the cars, technology, transit, hospitals, schools, and community infrastructure that will be essential to economic growth.

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Investing in made-in-Ontario products

Ontario is reducing its reliance on other countries for critical supplies like medical masks by buying more of the things we rely on from Ontario and Canadian companies. Through the Ontario Together fund, we’re providing Ontario-based companies with financial support to re-tool operations or expand to support the province’s long-term resilience. We’re leveraging the province’s purchasing power to ensure consistent access to high-quality, reliable products at the best value.

Learn about doing business with the Government of Ontario and our new supply chain agency.

Building new homes

Ontario is working with governments at all levels to speed up the construction of new homes for a growing province and a growing economy.

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Ensuring reliable high-speed internet

Ontario is improving digital connectivity by building infrastructure across the entire province, no matter where you live in Ontario.

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