A new integrated supply chain

To address challenges faced in our supply chain system, Supply Ontario will operate as a modern and efficient single supply chain organization for the:

  • Ontario Public Service (OPS)
  • broader public sector (BPS)
  • health sector

Supply Ontario will enable a whole-of-government approach when purchasing goods and services — leveraging provincial purchasing power to ensure consistent access to high-quality and reliable products at the best value for the people of Ontario.

When operational, Supply Ontario will:

  • enable the government to buy as one organization, driving greater value and outcomes for Ontarians
  • support economic development and increased domestic production across the province
  • build resiliency in all sectors and businesses of all sizes through a more secure and agile supply chain
  • foster innovation and emerging technologies
  • utilize data to drive integrated and strategic decision-making to effectively plan, prioritize and measure performance
  • streamline and modernize public sector procurement to improve customer service and make it easier to do business with the Ontario government and broader public sector
  • implement a dual-speed supply chain approach — a steady state that is efficient, integrated and resilient, with the ability to prepare for, monitor and respond to unexpected events
  • foster collaboration across the province, becoming a catalyst for industry partnerships and integrated service delivery

In the context of COVID-19, Supply Ontario is working closely across government to ensure that we will always have the equipment and supplies we need to keep our province safe and secure.

What this means for customers, suppliers and vendors

Supply Ontario will work with supply chain stakeholders to make sure services continue and supply chain operations aren’t disrupted during the transition.

There are no changes in how customers access supplies at this time. They will continue to receive PPE and other critical supplies and equipment as they have been, with no disruption to the existing provision of these supplies and equipment.

In the short-term, the agency will focus on:

  • working with partners across sectors to ensure existing services and products aren’t disrupted
  • developing a productive procurement process and building the necessary infrastructure

In the longer term, the new agency will act as a single, self-sustaining and integrated supply chain across the OPS, BPS and health sector.

Impacted stakeholders will be engaged on a continual basis by Supply Ontario and government officials as new information becomes available.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Supply Ontario, you can contact info@supplyontario.ca.