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Trust and confidence in our direction is crucial for Ontario’s Digital ID to succeed. That is why we have engaged with the people of Ontario, businesses and industry experts to get their feedback and advice, and will continue to do so well after the initial digital ID is implemented.

It will take years to unlock the full potential of digital ID in the province, and we will offer ongoing opportunities to get involved and influence our direction.

Foundational input (complete)

Winter 2020-21
Read what we learned when we invited  market experts, businesses  and the general public to share their views on how and when they would consider using digital ID.

Policy framework (complete)

August 23 – September 23
Thank you to everyone who shared their input to help ensure Ontario’s Digital ID is trustworthy, secure, private and inclusive. Read about the consultation.

Market engagement on technology (ongoing)

Began July 2021
We have been sharing our technology roadmap and getting feedback from leaders in key market segments including banking, innovation, education, identity networks and more.

Getting ready to release Ontario’s Digital ID (upcoming)

As we gear up to release the first iteration of ontario’s Digital ID, we plan to:

  • continue to share and get feedback on our technology approach
  • poll the general public 
  • conduct user research and testing on possible implementation approaches
  • share consultation results

We will announce upcoming engagements on this page.