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Ontario’s Digital ID will open up enormous opportunities for individuals and businesses across all business segments.

This is not a complete list of where digital ID could one day be used. We’ve chosen these examples to help you understand some of digital ID's many potential applications.

Financial services


  • Open a bank account or investment account
  • Apply for a personal or mortgage loan
  • Apply for a business account or loan


  • Apply for insurance products
  • Make an insurance claim


  • Purchase or sell real estate
  • Purchase, rent or sell a vehicle

Health care


  • Make a medical appointment
  • Visit a doctor or health care provider in person
  • Pick up a prescription
  • Access and use vaccination records


  • Access medical records online
  • Attend a virtual care appointment

Government services for individuals

  • Get, renew or replace a driver’s licence
  • Apply for, renew or replace a health card
  • Renew or replace a licence plate sticker
  • Get or renew an outdoors card
  • Get a hunting or fishing licence
  • Apply for OSAP
  • Apply for provincial benefits or tax credits
  • Apply for child support or spousal support or division of property
  • File an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board

Bringing on new customers or business

  • Verify another business’s credentials/history
  • Verify other businesses that offer products and services online
  • Verify a customer’s identity without a password or their physical presence

Operating a business


  • Rent properties or vehicles for a business
  • Conduct employee background checks
  • Request customers’ proof of age
  • Get import/export licensing and/or documentation
  • Verify another business’s credentials/history


  • Prove ownership to another business


  • Execute digital contracts
  • Request and send digital signatures
  • Receive online payments

Government services for businesses


  • Get business registration, permits and/or licences
  • Get import/export licensing and/or documentation


  • Apply for government grants and/or benefits
  • Get trade finance for international trade


  • File taxes or other statutory/regulatory reporting

The ways in which digital ID will change how we access services and preform transactions are truly endless and we welcome your thoughts and ideas. Visit our Digital ID: Getting involved page to learn about upcoming opportunities to share your feedback.