The Prevention Council advises the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development and the Chief Prevention Officer on a wide range of occupational health and safety issues, including:


Council membership represents a broad range of organizations and interests. The Public Appointment Secretariat lists the Prevention Council’s current members.

Current membership reflects input from:

  • five employer representatives
  • five unionized labour representatives
  • one non-union labour representative
  • one Workplace Safety and Insurance board representative
  • two occupational health and safety experts


Prevention Council members can claim – and be reimbursed for – necessary travel, meal and hospitality expenses, during the course of ministry work. They need to follow strict rules, outlining what can be repaid with public funds and what maximum amounts can be claimed.

Expense information is currently unavailable due to the provincial state of emergency relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. It will be posted once full service resumes.

Meeting summaries

For a summary of recent Prevention Council meetings, please email preventionfeedback@ontario.ca.