Find a species at risk

Species list

Species listed as endangered, threatened, special concern or extirpated.

Creating the list

How a plant or animal is classified as endangered, threatened, special concern or extirpated.

How you can help

Conserving biodiversity

How you can help conserve biodiversity in Ontario.

Register your project

How to register your protection and/or recovery project and other rules to follow.

Get a grant for your project

Financial support available through the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund and more.

Report rare species

How to report a sighting of rare animals and plants, natural and wildlife concentration areas.

Comment on documents

How you can give your thoughts on draft strategies, regulations and more.

What we're doing

Protection and recovery

Overview of our laws, regulations, groups and action to support species at risk and their habitat.

Projects we fund

An annual list of Ontario-wide projects we support.

Resources and permits

Search resource library

Standards, guidelines and more connected to the Endangered Species Act and its regulations.

Register or get a permit

For activity that could affect endangered or threatened plant or animal and their habitat.

Know rules for development and infrastructure work

Including transit, energy and construction work that may affect recently protected species at risk.

Get an overall benefit permit

For work not usually permitted under Endangered Species Act when certain conditions are met.


Review of progress reports for Ontario’s species at risk

Progress reports on the protection and recovery of species at risk.