Nomination endorsement signatures

If your municipality has more than 4,000 electors, candidates running for municipal council must submit 25 original endorsement signatures when they file their nomination.

In order to endorse a candidate, you must be eligible to vote on the day that you sign the endorsement. For example, a person who is 17 cannot sign an endorsement even if they will be 18 by voting day and able to vote in the election.

Collection of signatures should be undertaken safely by following guidance related to and in compliance with all applicable law and emergency orders, as well as any guidance and safety standards established by the province for COVID-19. These measures are intended to keep Ontarians safe.

You can endorse as many people as you like – there is no limit on the number of nominations you can endorse, and you can endorse more than one person running for the same office.

Candidates must use the Endorsement of Nomination Form (Form 2) to collect endorsement signatures.

When you provide your endorsement signature you must also provide your complete address including your postal code.

The Endorsement of Nomination form is a public document. You cannot revoke your endorsement of a candidate after the document has been filed with the clerk.


The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 does not regulate the size or placement of signs. Your municipality may have rules regarding where signs may be placed and when they may be displayed. Contact your municipal clerk for more information.

Inside a voting place

Campaign materials, including pamphlets, signs, or buttons supporting or opposing a candidate are not permitted inside a voting place.

You are not permitted to show your marked ballot to anyone. This includes taking a picture or video of your marked ballot. The exception to this rule is if someone in the voting place is assisting you to mark your ballot.