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Industries and jobs not covered under the Employment Standards Act

The following industries and jobs are not covered under the Employment Standards Act (ESA):

  • Secondary school students working in co-operative programs authorized by their school board
  • People participating in the Community Participation program as part of the Ontario Works program
  • Police officers (with the exception of  lie detector sections in Part XVI of the ESA
  • Inmates taking part in work or rehabilitation programs
  • Young offenders who perform work as part of a sentence or court order
  • Politicians, judges, religious officials or elected trade union officials
  • Post-secondary students working in co-operative or work experience programs approved by their college or university
  • Employees whose jobs are regulated by federal employment laws and standards, such as:
    • airlines
    • banks
    • the federal civil service
    • post offices
    • radio and television stations
    • inter-provincial railways
    • inter-provincial trucking
Updated: May 31, 2022
Published: November 30, 2021