Component: Young Parent Services

Legislation: Education Act, 1990

Service description

To provide treatment and support, within a Section 23 Classroom, for children and youth who are unable to attend a local school due to their identified social, emotional, behavioral and/or mental health needs.

People served

Children/youth under 18 years of age whose primary need is care and treatment, not special education and who are incapable of attending school, including special education class, without the full-time support of treatment or care workers.

Program/service features

The program/services will reflect the following features:

  • treatment and support, within a Section 23 classroom, for children/youth who cannot attend a local school because of their mental health needs
  • an agreement with the Ministry of Education detailing staffing ratio, timetable, location and nature and frequency of care, treatment, or support services to be provided during school hours

Individual planning and goal setting

Each child/youth will have a current plan of care that reflects an assessment of needs and preferences. The plan of care will identify the specific services/supports received by the child/youth, the expected outcomes and be based on the principles of person - centered planning, self-determination, and choice.

Specific service provided

This program is delivered in accordance with the descriptions provided here or any subsequent updated versions (or any other supporting policy documents provided by the ministry).

Ministry expectations

Services are child-centered and support the diverse needs of the child/youth in a way that is culturally safe, promotes equity, anti-racism, and anti-oppression.

Services will be:

  • reflective and responsive to child/youth, family and community strengths and needs
  • accountable to the child/youth, family, and community
  • sensitive to the social, linguistic, and cultural diversity of families and Indigenous communities
  • staffed by individuals with the appropriate range of skills and abilities necessary to respond effectively to the needs of the child/youth, and their family
  • based on the child/youth’s assessed needs, preferences and available individual, agency, community, and contracted ministry resources

Reporting requirements

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final period. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates.

Service data nameDefinition
# of children/youth served oper - Section 23 ClassroomsThe number of children/youth that received services at some point during the fiscal year.
# of support staff oper- Section 23 ClassroomsThe total number of full-time equivalent child and youth workers providing support in Section 23 Classrooms. A full-time equivalent is based upon a minimum of 35 hours per week.
Oper - Section 23 Classrooms: Ministry-funded agency expendituresTotal ministry-funded expenses for the service agency to administer and/or deliver this service in the reporting year (cumulative).