1. There is a workplace violence policy.
  2. A written copy of the violence policy is posted in a conspicuous place in the workplace if six or more workers are regularly employed there.
  3. A workplace violence program has been developed and maintained to implement the workplace violence policy that includes:
    • measures and procedures to control the risks identified in the risk assessment as likely to expose a worker to physical injury
    • measures and procedures for summoning immediate assistance when workplace violence occurs or is likely to occur
    • measures and procedures for workers to report incidents of workplace violence to the school board or supervisor
    • a description of how the school board will investigate and deal with incidents or complaints of workplace violence.
  4. Risks of workplace violence that may arise from the nature of the workplace, the type of work, or conditions of work have been assessed. The assessment has considered circumstances common to other school boards and circumstances specific to the school board.
  5. The joint health and safety committee (JHSC), multi-workplace joint health and safety committee (MJHSC) or health and safety representative have been advised of the results of the risk assessment.
  6. A copy of any written risk assessment has been provided to the JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative.
  7. Risks of workplace violence are reassessed as often as necessary to ensure the violence policy and program continues to protect workers.
  8. The JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative are advised of the results of thereassessment and provided a copy, if in writing.
  9. The workplace violence policy is reviewed as often as necessary, but at least annually.
  10. The workplace violence program is reviewed and revised when the employer becomes aware of the risk of domestic violence.
  11. Workers are provided with information and instruction appropriate for the worker on the contents of the workplace violence policy and program.
  12. Workers are provided with information, including personal information, related to a risk of workplace violence from a person with a history of violent behaviour if the worker can be expected to encounter the person in the course of his or her work, and the risk of violence is likely to expose the worker to physical injury (in accordance with limits on disclosure as set out under the OHSA).