The OHSA requires school boards to provide information and instruction to supervisors and workers on the contents of the workplace violence policy and program, including how to summon immediate assistance in various scenarios where there is a risk of workplace violence.

School boards are also required to provide information, instruction and supervision to protect the health and safety of a worker. Supervisors shall advise a worker of any potential or actual workplace violence risks of which the supervisor is aware. It is important that workers should ensure that they become aware of any potential risks in the classrooms they are entering and follow the measures and procedures in the workplace violence program.

The school board should, in consultation with the JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative, tailor the information and instruction to the worker’s risk of exposure to workplace violence.

Some school boards have developed their own training programs based on the assessed needs and others have procured existing third party training programs. School boards should consider a variety of learning options to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

For more information read OHSA s. 25(2)(a), OHSA s. 27(2)(a), and OHSA s. 32.0.5(2).