The JHSC, MJHSC and the health and safety representatives play an important role in the recognition and prevention of workplace violence.

As a leading practice, the school board should, in consultation with the JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative, if any, develop and review the contents of the workplace violence policy and program, specific to each work location. This consultation should provide an opportunity for the JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative to provide feedback, verbally or in writing, on the policy and program; the feedback should be considered by the school board.

The JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative should also include a focus on workplace violence hazards (e.g., inadequate lighting in the parking lot) as part of their monthly inspection of the physical condition of each workplace.

The JHSC, MJHSC or health and safety representative should review workplace violence incident trends and make written recommendations to the school board to enhance the workplace violence program. The school board must respond to the recommendations in writing within 21 days and provide a timetable for implementing the recommendations, if they agree. When the school board does not agree with the recommendations, the written response must include a reason for its disagreement.

Everyone has a role to play in workplace violence prevention. By working together, school boards, supervisors, workers, JHSC, MJHSCs and health and safety representatives can help to advance the culture of health and safety in our school communities.

See OHSA s.8 and 9 and the Guide for Health and Safety Committees and Representatives for more information.