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Issue date: June 12, 2023
LegislationLand Titles ActRegistry Act

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The legislation that allows the electronic registration of documents and plans through Teraview© applies only to parcels in the land titles system. As such, reference plans that include any land in the registry system cannot be submitted in electronic format.

There are two options available for a reference plan project that includes both registry and land titles system land.

The best practice is to prepare two reference plans, an ePlan for the land titles land and a hard copy reference plan for the registry system land.  Electronic plans are faster and more convenient, and the use of a separate plan for the registry system land clearly identifies land that continues to be in the registry system.

Alternatively, a hard copy combined land titles and registry plan remains acceptable for special situations. Combined plans must comply with the following requirements:

  1. There must be two plan schedules near the top right corner of the plan; one for registry and the other for land titles.
  1. The requisition for deposit block should refer to both the Land Titles Act and the Registry Act; two separate blocks are not required.
  1. The receipt block in the upper right corner of the plan should be set up for “Representative for the Land Registrar for the Land Titles and Registry Divisions of [name of division]”; two separate blocks are not required.
  1. The Surveyor’s Certificate should refer to the Land Titles Act and the Registry Act.
  1. As the plan will be recorded in both systems, two deposit fees will be charged.

Bulletin 97005 is hereby revoked.

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Ken Wilkinson O.L.S.
Examiner of Surveys