Organizations that provide a service to the public and are either fully or partially subsidized by public money can seek an official designation under the French Language Services Act (FLSA).

If your organization becomes a designated public service agency, it will be subject to the FLSA’s French-language service obligations that apply to government agencies. This could apply to some or all of the organization’s services, depending on the designation.


An organization can apply for a designation as a public service agency if it:

  • can be designated by the Lieutenant Governor as a “public service agency” under the FLSA’s definition of “government agency”
  • meets the ministry’s designation requirements
  • serves a Francophone population anywhere in the province
  • receives funding in whole or in part from the Government of Ontario for the services being considered for designation

How to apply

To apply for designation:

Step 1: Contact your funding ministry or ministries to check if you are eligible for a designation under the FLSA.

Step 2: Read the User Guide to learn about the designation request process and requirements.

Step 3: Determine who the users of the Agency Designation Tool will be within your organization.

  • A Creator user is responsible for creating and filling out the designation request, which is reviewed and approved by an Approver user.
  • In some organizations, the same user creates and approves the designation request.

Step 4: Before submitting your request, visit Transfer Payment Ontario (TPON) to create a ONe-key account and register your organization.

Note: Each of the tool’s user will need to create their own ONe-key account.

Step 5:: Sign in with your ONe-key ID into TPON to access the French Language Services Designation Tool. This is where you can:

  • apply for a designation
  • upload or update documents
  • review the status of your application

Contact your funding ministry

Contact the appropriate funding ministry for your organization to find out if your organization is eligible for a designation.

Economics and central agencies

Ministry of Labour Trade and Skills Development

French Language Services Coordinator
Email: FLTECAC@ontario.ca

Education and community services

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Raphaëlle Mathieu-Bédard
French Language Services Coordinator
Email: Raphaelle.Mathieu-Bedard@ontario.ca

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Hélène Moncion
French Language Services Manager
Email: Helene.Moncion@ontario.ca

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Laetitia Walbert
French Language Services Coordinator
Email: Laetitia.Walbert@ontario.ca

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries

Marie-Grâce Uwase
French Language Services Coordinator
Email: Marie-Grace.Uwase@ontario.ca


Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care

Primary contact
Blandine Karire
Policy Program Officer
Email: Blandine.Karire@ontario.ca

Secondary contact
Mohamed Boudjenane
Team Lead
Email: Mohamed.Boudjenane@ontario.ca


Ministry of the Attorney General and Ministry of the Solicitor General

Office of the Coordinator of French Language Services for the Justice Sector
Email: FLSOffice@ontario.ca