About the consultation

On January 15, 2019, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark announced the appointment of Ken Seiling and Michael Fenn as special advisors to assist with the regional government review.

From March 13 to May 21, 2019, people who live, work and spend time in the municipalities covered by the review were invited to share their thoughts on opportunities to improve governance, decision making and service delivery. Opportunities to provide input included:

  • sending written submissions via email or mail
  • completing an online survey
  • requesting a meeting to make a presentation to the advisors

What we heard

We wanted to hear your views on the way your elected municipal representatives make their decisions and represent your community. We also wanted your thoughts on the efficiency, effectiveness and cost of various municipal services.

We received over 8,500 written submissions through the consultation process. Between April 16 and May 17, 2019, the special advisors attended nine in-person sessions and heard from almost 100 individuals and organizations.