Consumer protection for individuals

Consumer protection rights

Learn about your consumer rights and the protection available to you under the Consumer Protection Act.

Credit, loans and debt

Payday loans, credit reports, and debt collection and settlement, including repossession of property.

Families and relationships

Dating services and getting married.

Funerals and burial arrangements

Planning a funeral, burial, cremation or scattering and what to do if you discover a burial site.

Homes and renovations

Door-to-door sales, buying or renting a home or condo, hiring a mover, and starting a renovation.

Identity theft

Protect yourself from identity theft, and learn what to do if you are a victim.

Scams and fraud

Learn about the common consumer scams, such as phishing scams and how to protect yourself if you are a victim.


Shopping in-store and online, reward points, gift cards, returns, warranties, and exchanges.

Take action

File a complaint against a business or search the Consumer Beware List.

Travel and entertainment

Ticket sales, booking a trip, buying a timeshare and information on Ontario’s movie rating system.

Vehicle ownership

Buying a car, getting car repairs, or getting towed.

Consumer protection for businesses