The term “foods of plant origin” includes produce, honey, and maple products that are regulated under Ontario Regulation 119/11 of the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001, in addition to any other applicable federal or provincial legislation.

The ministry’s Inspection Programs Unit:

  • enforces the requirements under Ontario Regulation 119/11 for foods of plant origin that fall under its scope
  • provides education and advice to the foods of plant origin industry
  • administers monitoring programs to assess regulatory compliance related to foods of plant origin

Further information is also available on the regulatory requirements for different foods of plant origin and the ministry’s monitoring programs.

Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001



Maple products

Monitoring programs

Cleaning and sanitation

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For more information about the requirements under Ontario Regulation 119/11 or the ministry’s monitoring programs, contact the Inspection Programs Unit by email at FPO.OMAFRA@ontario.ca.