What we do

Anti-Racism and Anti-Hate initiatives

The Anti-Racism Directorate works to combat systemic racism and advances racial equity to build a stronger, more inclusive Ontario where people from all walks of life can feel safe, respected and included. Learn about Ontario’s Anti-Racism Strategic Plan and read the latest progress report.

Learn how to apply for available grants that will help build stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.

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Honours, awards and recognition

Ontario’s medal and recognition programs celebrate the extraordinary people who make the province a better place to live. Learn about Ontario’s honours and awards programs, including how to nominate someone for the Order of Ontario, as well as honours and awards for:

  • achievements in volunteering
  • outstanding act of bravery
  • efforts to make Ontario more inclusive and accessible
  • efforts in community service
  • talents in the arts and literature

Nominate someone for an award

Inclusive economic growth

We are supporting community programs that empower Ontarians to reach their full potential, access opportunities and fully participate in the economy. Learn about ministry programs.

Community partnerships

We’re working with community partners to ensure programs, policies and services reflect the experiences and needs of a diverse province. Learn more about the ministry’s advisory groups.

Protecting and promoting Ontario’s cultural heritage

We’re working to conserve and promote cultural heritage resources, including archaeological resources, built heritage resources and cultural heritage landscapes to make Ontario a place where people want to live, work and visit. Learn about how the ministry supports heritage conservation.

Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism
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