Students returning to in-person learning

Students enrolled in publicly funded and private schools will return to in-person learning on January 17, 2022. Measures in place to support the return of in-person learning include:

  • daily on-site confirmation of self-screening for covid 19symptoms before entering school
  • school-based vaccination clinics to offer safe and convenient access to covid 19 vaccines
  • expanded access to rapid antigen tests
  • enhanced ventilation in classrooms and child care centres
  • N95 masks (non-fit tested) for staff in schools and licensed child care settings and 3-ply masks for students
  • temporary pausing of high-contact indoor sports, high-intensity and music activities and mandatory masking for indoor sports
  • new time-limited cohorting protocols to limit direct and indirect contacts with stricter lunch cohort requirements
  • elevated cleaning requirements at all schools

As of January 17, before and after school programs will resume and the emergency child care program will cease.

The content on this page will be updated to reflect Ontario’s latest covid 19 guidance and enhanced health and safety measures.

Executive summary

This operational guidance document outlines the requirements for delivering child care during the covid 19 outbreak. It provides information on operating child care programs with enhanced health and safety guidelines and/or restrictions in place. It includes:

  • highlights of changes
  • licensing requirements
  • health and safety requirements
  • operational guidance

This guidance document is for:

  • Consolidated Municipal Service Managers and District Social Service Administration Boards (CMSMs and DSSABs)
  • child care licensees and staff
  • home child care agencies and providers
  • school boards


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