As of 2021, 39.4% of all hog and pig farms in Canada could be found in Ontario. A large number of pig farms are family farms, on which crossbred pigs are typically raised.

Feeding and nutrition

Feed costs represent 65-75% of the variable costs of swine production in Ontario. It is important to understand how a pig utilizes feed, how their requirements may vary and how to provide the correct nutrients to the pig at the correct time in their life.

Feed ingredients

Find more details on ingredient options for pigs and their nutrient composition.


Find information on how to collect samples and have them tested.

How to avoid mill calibration problems

Small adjustments to the quality of feed and feeding practices can result in significant savings by improving efficiency. Learn more problems with the How to avoid common mill calibration problems on your swine farm fact sheet.

Water quality

Water quality and supply has a large impact on swine health and wellbeing. Understand the key challenges with water quality and how to manage this resource effectively.

Feeding sows

Learn more about maintaining sow feed intake during summer months and to assess sow body condition score.

Feeding piglets

Find details on nutritional and management strategies for feeding piglets.

Feeding grower-finisher pigs

Timely feeder management and regular maintenance of feeding systems can reduce feed costs. Learn more in the Feeder management in the grower-finisher barn fact sheet.

Farrowing and sow management

A high standard of cleanliness in the farrowing room and providing the best care to piglets can help prevent losses.

Business and marketing

Knowing cost of production and revenue is important for wise business planning. Cost calculators can be an effective tool to determining the cost of production of your operation.

On-farm trials

On-farm trials can provide useful information, but they do often require an investment of time and money. Investing wisely in on-farm trials for swine farms outlines how to run an effective and accurate trial.


Creating a comfortable and secure environment for pigs requires careful planning.

Care and handling

Managing the health and welfare of the herd is one of the most important tasks of a producer and can include management of health concerns and enrichment.


Being aware of common diseases impacting swine can lead to earlier recognition and treatment. Find resources on disease and disease management.